Nick Vyas

Executive Director/ Co-Founder, Center for Global Supply Chain Management
USC Marshall School of Business
Los Angeles

Dr. Nick Vyas is an educator, thought leader, author, keynote speaker, ASQ Fellow, Chair of the ASQ Lean Division, and advisor to leaders in the worlds of supply-chain practice and policy. As the Executive Director and founder of Center for Global Supply Chain Management (CGSCM), and Academic Director, USC Marshall MS GSCM program, Vyas educates the next generation of business leaders.

In 2018, Dr. Vyas was bestowed the Supply Chain Leader Award of Excellence by APICS, the premier professional association for supply chain management. APICS recognized him for his work at USC Marshall, as well as his efforts with the Supply Chain Professionals without Borders (SCPWOB), an international initiative that he founded with an aim to share supply chain knowledge and resources with developing nations.

An early proponent of the need to recognize the pivotal role of global supply chain management in international trade policy trends and economic growth, Dr. Vyas has frequently contributed articles and opinion to reputed media platforms such as Supply Chain Management Review (SCMR), NPR, KCRW, CBS News, The Economist, Los Angeles Times, Rachel Maddow Show, and the LA Business Journal. He is the co-author of Blockchain and the Supply Chain: Concepts, Strategies and Practical Applications, a book that highlights industry use cases to illustrate the significance of blockchain as an enabler and a key driver for solutions in global supply chain networks.

As a recognized thought leader, Vyas delivers keynote addresses at conferences held across the globe, particularly in countries home to economies in transition such as Brazil, China, India, Mexico, Singapore, and the Dominican Republic, on matters concerning global trade, disruptive technologies and their impact on global supply chain management and operations.

An authority on global SCM and Logistics, Vyas has led business and cultural transformation for Fortune 100 M&A Companies over the last 30 years. He also serves as a member of the U.S. Department of Commerce Advisory Committee on Supply Chain Competitiveness.

He has received his Doctor of Education from the USC, with a published dissertation on Conceptualization of Higher Education Excellence System (HEES): Use of Advance Data Analytics and Blended Quality Management.

With an aim to make education accessible to all, Dr. Vyas raises and provides scholarships via the USC MS GSCM program for deserving students in Africa who are interested in studying humanitarian healthcare supply chains.

Currently, Dr. Vyas is working on a supply chain consortium to help hospitals get their needed medical equipments during this COVID-19 crisis.