Will Scott

Culture Czars
Chicago, Illinois

(IBEAR 16)

Will is passionate about creating environments where people thrive so that they can be the best that they can be. A self-proclaimed Culture Czar, Will has studied, researched and adopted corporate culture strategies in several of his own companies, as well as helped multiple other businesses with their implementations. Will leads workshops and speaks regularly on the subject of corporate culture using his proprietary 9-step process for taking organizations from simply having Core Values to truly having a Valued Culture. Author of The Culture Fix: Solving C-Suite Problems at the Ground Level with 9 Deeds in 90 Days, and host of the Valued Culture podcast, Will has set out to create two-thousand and twenty Culture Czars™ by 2020.

A longtime member of the Entrepreneurs Organization, Will served on the board of EO Chicago for five years and is a facilitator of the EO Accelerator and 10,000 Small Businesses programs. With an MBA in international business from the University of Southern California, Will has been an entrepreneur for more than 20 years and is an implementer of the Entrepreneurial Operating System™ or EOS™. He has served in Her Majesty's Royal Marines and led transformations in organizations as diverse as student unions, churches and global charitable foundations. See more at www.linkedin.com/in/willjscott.