Activating The Business Continuity Plan: Implementing Your Disaster Recovery Operations and Beyond
Henry Biner, Partner and Head of Global Marketing, P/E Investments, Boston (IBEAR 16)

P/E Investments has disaster recovery processes which get activated when needed. In this pandemic environment employees who were not considered essential to the day to day operation were asked to work from home. Personnel who were considered essential were split up into three groups. The first group operated out of the Boston office, the second one out of the Weston office outside of Boston and the third group was located in Jackson, Wyoming. At all times, social distancing was implemented and respected. Communication with clients and prospects where conducted via email, phone, WebEX or other communication platforms. Overall it worked surprisingly well since the pandemic impacted everybody around world the same way. However, there is a need to continue on building personal relationships with prospects and clients which is only possible with face-to-face meetings. Therefore, we are looking forward to start traveling soon.

Corporate Culture: Making Your Company Thrive
Will Scott, Founder, Culture Czars, Chicago (IBEAR 16)

Will gives a preview of the process of creating an environment where your team thrives, your company grows and you feel like you are leading the company you always wanted.

COVID-19—The Long-Term View: A Cross-Industry Cautionary Tale
Marina Kotsianas , CEO, Artia Strategies, Los Angeles (IBEAR 17)

Talk will focus on the infrastructure that is being put in place now, such as remote learning, and how it would affect long-term health of various industries, including higher education, business education, etc. What to watch out for!

Digital Disruption in Film and Television Production
Steve Parkinson, Director of Finance, Echo Lake Entertainment, Beverly Hills (IBEAR 37)

What is the impact SVOD platforms have had on television and film production, both in the traditional Hollywood system, and internationally? How have Netflix, Amazon, Hulu affected the way we, as producers, do business, and how the public see our films and TV shows? Quibi is due to launch in April 2020……could that be the next evolution of digital media?

Digital Transformation & Technology Adoption in the Post-COVID World
Ram Dwivedi, Senior Manager, Strategy & Operations, Cognizant Consulting, San Francisco (IBEAR 33)

Covid-19 has changed the way we as consumers and companies as product/service providers operate. This presentation talks about the ways technology will change the business models and consumer behaviors in the future.

Entrepreneurship and Risk Management in a Small Business
James Wong, Partner/Director, H.A, Christie & Co., Chartered Accountants, Singapore (IBEAR 11)

The presentation, from the perspective of a small business advisor/consultant, includes a brief discussion on small business and entrepreneurship contrasts; the challenges of ERM (enterprise risk management)—especially with Covid-19 acting as a timely reminder—and overcoming those challenges; and mitigating risks.

Evolution of Banking DNA Post-Pandemic
Sun Migliacci, Vice President, Technology Strategy, City National Bank, Los Angeles (IBEAR 38)

The recent pandemic sparked an immediate response on essential services, including financial services. What it has shown is that consumers are ready and demanding for more virtual services. This pandemic will fundamentally disrupt how we consume and engage with our banks. Those who respond quickly and holistically will survive this next perceived economic downturn.

Farm to Fork Food Safety: Digital Tools for Global Operations
Jeff Lindholm, COO, iCertainty, Chevy Chase, MD (IBEAR 13)

This talk will provide an overview of integrated software, hardware and IoT solutions used to insure the safety, integrity and traceability of food in global foodservice and hospitality sectors. Use cases will highlight successful digital platforms deployed by Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, MGM Resorts International and Sodexo.

How COVID-19 is Transforming Real Estate Development in Southern California and Southern Nevada
Tommy Dirks, Senior Vice President, Trammell Crow Company, Irvine (IBEAR 38)

This talk will discuss on how Covid-19 has transformed the commercial real estate development process, with a specific focus on the e-commerce logistics and traditional office sectors.

How a Start-up Took Action After an Initial Successful Launch in the Middle of a Global Pandemic
Andre Oliver, Investor, AMAZ, Los Angeles (IBEAR 40)

Amidst the current situation the global pandemic, AMAZ, a Santa Monica-based beverage startup, continuously took action to adjust to the shifting marketplace by preparing the company for its next phase of growth that included development and planning the launch of a new beverage line; building a solid solution for e-commerce, and planning and executing new sales and go-to market strategy.

Managing Assets Successfully: View from an Independent Wealth Management Professional
Robin Amacher, Investor, Zurich (IBEAR 14)

We are in a different world. The fiscal response to the economic shock and the central bank environment are not normal and challenge conventional risk management. Explosive growth of government and private debt at low to negative interest rates are distorting pricing and historic correlations of assets. Although, diversification remains important, looking forward it seems every single investment needs high conviction to keep calm through future times of high price volatility. Some of the major asset managers will be challenged to perform on a relative basis and active management may have its renaissance.

Outlook for Private Equity Funds in the COVID Economy
Peter Thompson, Senior Vice President, Cathay Bank, Los Angeles (IBEAR 11)

The Product Marketing Manager: How to be the Middle Man, Effectively (And Hard Pivot in the Current Climate!
Dean Glasenberg, Global Product Marketing Manager, Facebook, New York (IBEAR 32)

As a PMM, you are the voice of the customer in product, and the voice of product for the customer. Dean will walk you through his journey to becoming a PMM, how to work to unify teams around a long term vision and shared goals, and how to successfully hard pivot those goals in turbulent times.

Small Business During the Time of the Corona Virus
Ronald Bibonia, Owner/Entrepreneur, Mediatrix Enterprises Inc., Los Angeles (IBEAR 25)

Small businesses have suffered tremendously under the recent stay-at-home ordinances across the country. Many are asking if small businesses will recover and what role will they play in reviving the economy.

Turning the COVID Crisis into Opportunity: A Nonprofit CEO Perspective
Amy Grat, Managing Director, Melvin Enterprise Group, San Diego, CA, (IBEAR 30)

China E-commerce During Lockdown--Fast Forward
Zhihua (Jasmine) Liu, Director of HR & Operations,, Silicon Valley (IBEAR 40)

JD reported good results as it benefitted greatly from millions of Chinese sitting at home. was best placed to meet the surge in demand because, unlike Alibaba, it has its own logistics and warehouses. During the "618" (or June 18), the three-week shopping event, it hit sales revenue of $38 billion--up more than 33% over last year.

Tariffs, Pandemic, Expertise & Infrastructure: How the Last 18 Months Have Affected Global Manufacturing & Supply Chains, and What the Next 18 Months May Bring
Kevin McClave, Managing Director, Melvin Enterprise Group, San Diego (IBEAR 30)

Why Can’t We Be Friends? Managing Change in a Multicultural Merger
Jose Cortes, Senior Associate, PwC Advisory Services, Los Angeles (IBEAR 40)

The talk will comment on challenges, causes and managerial tactics to drive change among teams following a corporate merger. Examples from M&A deals among North, Central and South American companies show how change can apply to multiple situations and can assist decision-making during significant economic shifts such as COVID.